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20-25W V4 series With input filter AC-DC


Input voltage:220V(85-265VAC),220V(165-265VAC)

Output voltage:24V,15V,12V,5V


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20-25W V4 series With input filter AC-DC power supply module


★Higher power density and smaller dimension
★Multiple protection function design
★Produce by substrate process and increase product reliability
★Able to work under strong electromagnetic environment
★CE certificate
★Internal integrated sealing has enhanced the anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and shockproof performance
★Anti-vibration performance which could satisfy Military requirement
Specialized in the design of small transmitter base station and vehicle-mounted mobile devices
★Input over/under voltage protection, output over voltage protection, short circuit protection
Technical parameter
Model NO: DAS25-□-■-★
Filter type: Built in filter circuit
P/N explanation: ■Input voltage; □Output voltage;★Product class
Input voltage: ■N(AC165-265);W(AC85-265)
Output voltage: □DC 110V,48V,28V,24V,15V,12V,5V,3.3V,任选
Product class: ★Military grade, adding J; Aircraft grade, adding H
Power: 20W
Dimension: 70*48*23.5
Voltage accuracy: Vo1:±1% 
Source effect: <±0.5%
Load regulation: <±0.5%
Ripple and noise: 1%Vo 
Temperature factor: <±0.03℃
Frequency: 100KHz
Efficiency: >75% 
Over-current protection: >120%
Isolation resistance: >100MΩ
Operating temperature:

-25~+55℃(Industrial); -40~+70℃(Military) ;-55~+85℃(Aircraft)

Storage temperature: -45~+105℃(Industrial); -55~+105℃(Military);-60~+125℃(Aircraft)
Working humidity: 5%~85%RH
Storage humidity: 5%~95%RH
Isolation voltage: Vin-Vo 2500VAC;  Vin-FG 2500VAC;  Vo- FG 500VDC
Frequency: 10~55Hz 5g
Operating temperature: Industrial:-25~+55℃; Military: -40~+70℃
Storage temperature: Industrial:-40~+105℃
Shock resistance(random) Frequency range:20~100Hz,+6dB/double;80~350Hz,0.04g2/Hz; 350~2000Hz,-6dB/double; X,Y,Z direction, each direction 15min
Impact(half sine): Accelerated speed:a=50g±5g; Impact time:8~12ms  X,Y,Z direction, 6 times each direction
Cooling: Natural cooling
Housing material: Low radiation plastics; Six sides shielded metal shells are used for military products
Wiring method: Pin welding 
EMC: IEC1000, EN61000
Safety standard: UL1950, IEC950, CCEE